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Would anyone be interested in taking over this community? I considered deleting it - we don't have a lot of members or activity - but if anyone would like to take over the role of mod, I'd be happy to hand it over.
Seek in the Gloaming
Kouryuu has a way of dealing with things. This might be one.

Kouryuu comes because hell is boring and the kittens won’t leave him alone, whispering to each other just out of his hearing, gossiping and snickering and obnoxiously loud.
I made a WISH fansite :]

It's just starting, so there's not much stuff.
If you want to contribute, please tell me :D

Title: So This is Love
Words: circa 200
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Kakyou/Hisui
Warnings: --
Author's Notes: This was written for Veszelyite for yuletide 2007.
Summary: An angel approached me yesterday.

( So This is Love )
Title: Morning Routine
Author: sparklyfanta
Genre: fluff
Series: Wish
Word Count: 524
Spoilers: The whole series, pretty much.
Characters/Pairings: Koryu/Ruri/Hari (because the cat girls never get any fic!)
Disclaimer: Not mine.

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Thank you for reading!
*wave* Hey all. All 22 of us ;) I can't believe there aren't more members of this comm! what on earth! I just read Wish the other day, & loved it completely..it's just sad there isn't more to read. I couldn't even pick a favorite character, they're all so likeable. I came away wanting to know more about what happens to them. Hopefully CLAMP will give some hints in other series. There's something about Nekoi's art, and the titles she draws that attracts me, even more than other CLAMP works, in a way. Possibly the 'less angst'... lmao, idk. Anyway, super happy that there -is- a Wish community, because this is manga definitely deserves a fanbase like all the rest.
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CLAMP (xxxHOLiC (10), Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (6), Kobato (15), Tokyo Babylon (6), Wish (5))
Other (Kingdom Hearts (2), Kyou Kara Maou (3), Yu-Gi-Oh! (1))
Total (48)

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The rest can be found here.
Hi! I felt like writing something to post to this community, so here's a quick ficlet.

Title: Sleeping Summer
Genre: Humour/gen/crack
Word count: 160
Notes: Set at a point during the last volume of the manga
Summary: Kohaku has a visitor.

Link: Sleeping Summer
I'm not sure if anyone here has been following all the turmoil in the HP fandom, but there's been talk of a mass exodus from LJ, especially at places like fandom_flies. I've personally backed up my personal/fanfic/graphics journals at GreatestJournal and InsaneJournal.

Just in case LJ does start shutting down more journals or there is a sudden flight, I've created a community on both GJ and IJ called clamp_finder, to help CLAMP fans locate one another and re-form their communities. Not sure if anyone would like to bookmark them or not, but they're here and here anyway. More information will be up on those comms soon.

Better safe than sorry ^.^
I was thinking of holding a promotion contest, where members of this community could win an award for providing a link where they've promoted clamp_wish.  The prize could be a custom icon.  Would anyone be interested?
This week's prompt:  "angel masters"
Target word count:  no more than 300

If you'd like to suggest a prompt or challenge, please comment!  It doesn't necessarily need to be a fanfic prompt either; you can request an icon challenge, a fanart challenge - whatever floats your boat!
Do you like "old" or "new" Shuichiro better?  Why?

I have to admit I like the reincarnated one best.  He seems more...lively?...and he's got a cooler haircut XD
Hello^^ I`m sorry to write a post just with one banner but I wanted to show it to some Wish fans^^ If you want to see the whole one, please go here
And that is a preview
Wish Prev

hitsuzen_rp is a CLAMP RPG looking for characters from ALL CLAMP series.

The premise?

The multiverse is collapsing, and the only stable city left is the last Tokyo. The Dimension Witch is drawing a select few to her city to save them from certain destruction.

Learn more & join today!

(x-posted like crazy; sorry for spam, but we're desperate for members)

Title:  Contamination
Fandom:  Wish
Characters:  Kokuyo/Hisui
Part:  Drabble (100 words)
Rating:  K
Summary:  There's something in Kokuyo's food.
Author's Notes:  For prompt #1 (feathers).

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Because we need more "Wish" fanfics...I present to you the weekly drabble challenge!

This week's prompt:  "feathers"
Target word count:  100, right on the money
What's your favorite pairing in Wish, and why do you like them?
Head over to the userinfo to learn more about us, or make a post about anything Wish-related you can imagine.  The community will probably be in a state of flux for several weeks as we get settled, but I hope that this will be an active comm that will give some love to a sorely neglected fandom.