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For fans of the CLAMP manga Wish
Welcome, Wish fans!

This is a general Wish community - for fanart, icons, fanfic, discussion, whatever! Wish needs some more love, so we're here to provide.

There will be weekly discussion questions and challenges, just to keep the fandom active.

Please follow these rules:

[x] All lengthy posts need to be behind an lj cut, as well as anything NSFW (not safe for work - something that would be inappropriate to look at work). [What constitutes a long post is up to your discretion, but if it's a fic/discussion post of more than a hundred words, you might want to think about putting the content behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, please read up on it here.]

[x] When posting fic, please use this heading:

Of course you may add any additional info, but you need at least these three things.

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